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Consider answering the following questions:

1a).  What’s your style when you or your spouse do not agree on a decision or course of action?

1b).  What is the outcome of your approach?


2a).  Does your style honor your spouse?

2b). Does it honor God and His word?  Why or why not?


3a).  Do a quick inventory:  In what ways are you and your spouse living in a way that honors God and His word?  

3b).  In what ways are you living in a way that does not honor God and His word?


4).   Discuss & review the following with your spouse, noting patterns:

a). Why is it important to submit to one another according to Ephesians 5:21?

b).  When there is lack of agreement after dialogue, what choice will we make?


5).  What will you need to do to accept God’s Word as the final authority over opinions, popular thought & outside pressure?

Do you have questions about relationships?​

Thanks for submitting!

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